We had the opportunity to minister at Church of Deliverance in Indiana. A lady known as Betty R. attended the one night service. She was deaf at her right ear since the age of 3. The Spirit of God was strong felt and Betty’s ear opened. Not only that, She re-dedicated her life to Jesus and her son was instantly healed from knee injury. It was amazing to see God move in such a great way. We serve a miracle working God.
GOD CREATES A NEW LIVER (Atlanta Healing Revival)
Sis Chrystall T. had serious problems with her liver. She came for prayer. Chrystall went for another medical check up. To her greatest surprise and to others, Jesus had done it. Her medical record shows negative. Jesus touched her liver to the amazement of us all. 
My name is La-Rene M. and I am a friend and co-worker of Madeleine N. I just wanted to share a testimony that I experience at your church .
I had an ailment in which once or twice a year I would have menstrual cycles that would last a couple of weeks to months. This was due to my body creating to much estrogen and the way to dispose of the estrogen was through my cycle. At the time of my visit to your church I was on my 3rd week of having my cycle.After I was prayed for, 5 days later my menstrual cycle ended. I believe in God that I will not suffer from this affliction again. I also plan to visit your church soon in the near future.
In Germany,this sister came to the meeting with severe pains on her right leg. When she came forward for prayers, I asked her to take a walk with me around the church. As we did, the pain gradually reduced and we kept on walking until it completely left her. She was completely healed of the pain and could then do things she could not do before with her leg. Glory to Jesus Christ.
Patella Tendinitis
Man Of God,I had been suffering from Patella Tendinitis for two years. I came for this meeting and the Lord has healed me. I could not jump or run but now I can do both. I give thanks to God.
Suffered back injury for 5 years.
I attended Night Of Glory and the glory of God was greatly felt and Jesus touched me and I was immediately free from that severe pain. Glory to Jesus.
Uterus repaired by God
Praise Report ! Rev. Gaius I had a problem with my uterus and have had this problem for a while. I was scheduled again to see the doctor. During the service the Lord Jesus spoke of the condition to the Man of God and instantly Jesus Healed me. Symptoms and pains vanished.