Pastor Pius & Mercy Forlu
Beloved in the Lord, Gaius is a young dynamic servant of God; born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. In his young age accepted the call of God upon his life to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have seen in him the spirit of devotion and commitment to the things of God. He is a man of integrity. He is highly annointed, and he rightly divides the word of truth (God’s Word). In his meetings many receive salvation, healing, deliverance, and lives are restored. I give God praise for the way He is using this young man. If you consider having him to be a blessing to your congregation or whatever forum, do not hesitate to send him an invitation. Of a truth you will be blessed. We need men like him in times like these. To God be the glory.
Bishop Jonathan Quigley
It is my privilege to Pastor and to support Rev. Gaius Forlu and his family. This man is as multi-talented as he is anointed. Gaius is a man used of God, his love for the Lord and his heart for the ‘lost’ combine to make him a wonderful man to come and to bless your congregation or ministry endeavor. Gaius is young in age but experienced in ministry. His heritage includes a devout father and mother who are actively involved in Pastoral and Care ministries. I highly recommend Gaius Forlu and believe that he will be a blessing to your cause.
Pastor Dale Everett
Dear Pastor
It is my privilege to introduce and recommend to you the ministry of Gaius Forlu. I have known Gaius for several years and have watched the call of God develop in his life. Gaius comes from a stable family who have a record of serving God as a lifestyle. For Gaius ministry is not an occupation but a life calling. His heart is right, his life is pure, and his gifts are evident.
I believe you would be blessed by opening the doors of ministry to this young man and his wife. He handles the Word well in the pulpit and has faith to minister to the needs of the  
                                                people at the altar. Gaius will serve well with you.  
Bishop Mark. S Abbott
Dear pastors,
I have had the pleasure of knowing Gaius Forlu. Gaius is a man on fire for the things of God and truly a man after God?s own heart. I strongly recommend that you give an opportunity for this anointed man of God to come minister in your area of fellowship so that the anointing and talents that God has invested in him would be a blessing to you.
Administrative Bishop
Church Of God