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Meet The Senior Pastors GAIUS & EMMANUELLA FORLU.

Pastor Gaius was born in Cameroon, West Africa, as the first child to Bishops Pius and Mercy Forlu. He surrendered his life to Christ at age 12 and began manifesting the signs of a preacher.
Pastor Emmanuella was also born in Cameroon as the first child to parents Bruno and Doris Hapi. She began demonstrating the signs of an intercessor as a toddler. She first encountered a visitation from the Lord at the age of 7, but completely surrenders to Him at age 18.
The Lord united and blessed Pastors Gaius and Emma in June 24th, 2006.  They move in the Apostolic Mandate and have been blessed with a healing and prophetic ministry.
By the grace of God, pastor Gaius & Emma Forlu has had several encounters with the Lord. It was in one of this encounters that the Lord Jesus appeared to pastor Gaius and gave him a message of Peace and hope. From that encounter, the Lord assigned pastor Gaius to encourage the people in all his travels to come out from a place of worry and refocus on the victory of the cross. By so doing, the church is re-ignited in passion for Christ to receive all that the Lord has promised. They have seen and experienced  healings  and creative miracles as the word Of God comes forth.
Pastor Gaius and Emmanuella have been so blessed and privileged to travel to several nations around the world and within the USA. We are under the covering of Bishop Dr. Pius & Mercy Forlu and a full members of the River Of Life Assemblies Int’l based in Maryland U.S.A.
Pastor Gaius and Emmanuella Forlu are blessed with three children: Lemuel, Eliana and JahZara Forlu. They reside in San Antonio,  TX USA.